Markus Wischenbart

Markus Wischenbart

Markus Wischenbart is the President of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, an avid world traveler, and overall lover of life. He has truly seen his vision for all-inclusive, VIP Caribbean vacations come to fruition on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

Since joining the Dominican Republic tourism scene, Markus Wischenbart has been the epitome of achievement. His motto, “Everything is possible,” has shown in his actions and ability to tackle one goal after the next.

Markus Wischerbart’s vision began to take form in 2002, and he dreamt of building luxurious resorts and accommodations for those seeking to truly escape to paradise. Skip ahead 16 years later, and under the leadership of Markus Wischenbart, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has become a Caribbean vacation empire comprised of 25 different resorts across eight different locations. And it all stems from Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s original location and main base of operations—Cofresi, Puerto Plata in the Dominica Republic.

Markus Wischenbart’s expert hand helped Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club become what it has today—a one-of-a-kind vacation provider that has received 484,294 overnight stays already.

“These numbers only reaffirm that the resort is enjoying a good flow of tourists to the area from our members, returning guests or first time travelers to the D.R.” Markus Wischenbart said. “My target was to reach half a million and we are on track to do just that.”

Not only has Markus Wischenbart created beautiful accommodations for guests to come enjoy the wonders of the Dominican Republic, he has also played an integral role and been a major contributor to the country’s tourism economy.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club employs more than 3,000 staff in the Puerto Plata region alone and that number is continuing to grow. Markus Wischenbart is someone who truly understands that priority of any hotel or resort should be the person treatment of the guests. He wholeheartedly believes that this is the best way to achieve an unrivaled vacation experience.

“Our employees are at the very heart of what we offer,” Markus Wischenbart said. “My vision has always been that Lifestyle Holidays should be the vanguard in VIP service, and our employees help deliver this daily. Our most important asset always has been and will be our employees.”

Markus Wischenbart, his wide Anja, and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club as a whole also give back to the Dominican Republic community through their charitable works such as sponsorships and fundraisers.

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