3 May

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Generates 3,500 Direct Jobs in Dominican Republic

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Generates 3,500 Direct Jobs in Dominican Republic

The president of the Lifestyle Group, Markus Wischenbart, affirmed that tourism and the protection of the environment must go hand in hand to guarantee the integral development of society.

When interviewed by journalists at the Gregorio Luperón airport, on his return to the country, Wischenbart showed his willingness to support, “as I have been doing”, an initiative to promote an environmental program that preserves natural resources, as proposed by the tourist entrepreneur Frank Rainieri, in a conference regarding the destination.

“We have always been ready to be part of any initiative that goes in favor of protecting the environment, not only in Puerto Plata but throughout the country. The care of natural resources should be a priority in any society,” said the president of the Lifestyle Group, a hotel complex that generates 3,500 direct jobs.

The entrepreneur showed his willingness to contribute in the application of an environmental program in Puerto Plata, making available his technicians and providing financial resources.

Also, the president of the Lifestyle Group highlighted the growth that tourism has registered in the country, especially Puerto Plata, where there is a great movement.

Actions carried out by the Lifestyle Group in favor of the Environment.

Mangrove maintenance as a protected area.

Conditioning of guided tours to protect the biodiversity of the area

Creation of the environmental team to give support in the tasks of environmental protection.

Periodic cleaning of the gorge that surrounds it.

Cooperation, both economic and educational to the neighboring communities.

Participation of staff in environmental issues, endorsed by the Environment Ministry, thus helping a coexistence between guests and the environment.

“Development of Tourism must go hand-in-hand with protection of the environment.” 
– Markus Wischenbart

About Lifestyle Group:

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) was developed by a group of Austrian investors in 1995, starting with the construction of Hotel Hacienda de Puerto Plata, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The vacation club product, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, started in 2002 with 200 members and currently there are more than 30,000 LHVC members. The club offers a wide variety of membership options to suit most budgets and individual needs, which has made it a popular choice for many families over the years.

LHVC has created a unique VIP membership in its genre, where exclusive facilities and services are offered only to members, including a variety of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, lounges, beach areas, and VIP specialized transportation, such as golf cart, limousines, helicopter transfers and much more. In addition, the company has created a unique set of accommodations, from spectacular, luxury self-contained villas of 3-7 private bedrooms, to 1 and 2 bedroom suites with a family space and comfortable kitchen and dining areas. This unique accommodation offer, accompanied by the spectacular VIP services are so popular that the company has continued to grow rapidly every year his year’s success for the Perspective Magazine Awards is one of many. If you get the chance to visit Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, you are highly recommended to do so to enjoy all the Caribbean has to offer and see why the Perspective Magazine Awards recognized Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.