3 Apr

Markus Wischenbart Talks Sales

Markus Wischenbart Talks Sales

Under the tutorage of President/Owner Markus Wischenbart working alongside Swen Kessler, International Sales Director, Lifestyle Holidays has seen continued success at the beginning of 2019, this is very much down to Markus’s strong leadership and training. The sales team has seen continued year on year sales increases with records continually broken coupled with an all-time low cancellation record.

Lifestyle has been able to corner the market in luxury resort sales, producing strong numbers year after year. With a portfolio packed with prestigious resorts, as well as countless projects currently underway and launching soon, LHVC proudly looks to the 2019 season as the year of opportunity.

“Our collection of properties combines favorite vacation locales with world-class amenities, services, top-notch developers, and premier facilities. Pair these qualities with an unparalleled International Sales Team and we have found our recipe for success,” Markus Wischenbart.

Wischenbart has been able to transform the concept of vacation and tourism in the Dominican Republic stating, “I’ve always viewed this area as constantly trying to find the best version of itself. The Dominican houses so many natural gifts, from its tropical climate, incredible beaches, to its colorful local culture. It was simply finding a way to tap into those amazing resources and manage it.”

When your properties are found on white sandy beaches that touch a warm turquoise sea, your staff offers constant friendly welcomes, and a “no expense spared” mentality has been applied to your facilities, it’s easy to see why his Caribbean resorts have emerged as one of the world’s most desirable vacation destinations.

With locales that are considered to be in the top markets around the world, LHVC’s unparalleled real estate opportunities are shared by few and rivaled by none. The development of these exclusive resorts has brought LHVC properties into the forefront of the hospitality industry. Wischenbart continues to invest widely and deeply into his company’s enriching future by providing resorts that define luxury.

LHVC is a testament to Markus Wischenbart’s evolution of chic alongside strong sales growth.

Photo (left to right): Markus Wischenbart and Swen Kessler