5 Jan

We Are All Navigating This New Normal Together – Markus Wischenbart

Health.  Safety.  Wellness.  These have become the new cornerstones upon which our daily lives are based.  To say the past year has been a challenge is an understatement, but we here at LHVC have taken every precaution to ensure we will deliver a safe and enjoyable vacation experience to our members.  At the forefront of this campaign is our Owner and President, Markus Wischenbart, who has personally spearheaded the movement towards new strategies and protocols ensuring the safety and comfort of our members.  From working hand-in-hand with local government, health, and tourism authorities to initiating corporate-mandated cleanliness initiatives, Wischenbart has displayed resiliency while assisting in the combat of Covid-19.

Together, we will keep moving forward!
– Markus Wischenbart